Our Mission

The mission of the La Cañada Irrigation District is to reliably provide quality water to its customers in a cost-efficient manner. (As our staff notes: our job is to provide water for your health and safety under any and all conditions.)

To achieve this mission, the District utilizes Best Management Practices for Urban Water Conservation.

Our Board


A Little About Us

The La Cañada Irrigation District was formed in 1924. Organized under the provisions of Division 11 of the State of California Water Code, the District operates as a political subdivision of the State.

The District is located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and serves approximately 40% of the city of La Cañada Flintridge. A small percentage of the District’s customers reside outside of the city limits.

Originally, the District’s customers survived on ground water from the District’s wells (located in the Monk Hill subarea of the Raymond Basin) and tunnel water piped in from Pickens Canyon. Early residents understood the need for water conservation, as they were only allowed to fill their household storage on specified days at specific times.

Since 1955, the District has augmented its ground water supply with water purchased from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Over the past 50 years, growth within the District has created a greater demand for water. So much that, imported water from MWD now accounts for over 90% of the water consumed within the District. MWD water is a blend of Colorado River and the State Water Project (Northern California) waters.